Are you an artist and want to contribute to end Israeli apartheid?


If the answer is yes, don’t miss out on this opportunity!



 The Israeli Apartheid Week Coordination Team (IAW Coordination Team) invites graphic designers, artists and artivists to submit original posters to be used as the image for the upcoming edition of IAW 2020. The competition for IAW 2019 brought us some amazing results, so we decided to reach out again for this year’s artwork.



Israeli Apartheid Week has taken place for the last 14 years in over 200 universities and cities around the world. It aims to raise public awareness of the fact that Israel is indeed a regime of apartheid and settler-colonialism because of racial domination, colonization of occupied Palestinian land, and the legalization of the systematic oppression of the Palestinian people by Israel’s laws.  Panels, film screenings, and creative actions were organised to build support for the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. 



In 2020 IAW will be organised around March 21, the International day against racism and racial discrimination, the Day we commemorate South Africa apartheid’s massacre in Sharpeville. Therefore, largely, it will take place from March 16 until March 21. This year, we want IAW to go to the streets under the name ‘United against racism’. This Israeli Apartheid Week we want to make it clear that the Palestinian struggle against Israeli oppression and Apartheid is embedded in a much wider struggle against racism and oppression worldwide. All progressive groups should struggle together for a world where there is justice, freedom and equality for all.



The winning poster will be exhibited extensively, reaching thousands of people in dozens of countries and will be used to announce IAW around the globe.








  • Process and Competition Dates
  • November 6th 2019: Launch of the competition
  • December 20th 2019: Closing date for the submission of posters
  • December 23th 2019: Announcement of the 3 finalists of the contest for IAW 2020
  • January 8th 2020: – January 20th 2020: Open vote for IAW 2020 winning poster
  • January 20th: Announcement of the winning poster for IAW 2019



  • Eligibility
  • The International Poster Competition is open to graphic designers, artists, artivists or anyone involved in the defense of the human rights of the Palestinian people 
  • Entrants must be over 18 years old 
  • Entrants are encouraged to explore the resources on the website IAW 
  • The poster must announce Israeli Apartheid Week representing the theme “United against racism” and cannot include any racist, sexist, or other discriminatory content



  • Poster Creation 
  • General aspects
    • All posters must be original and the independent work of the artist. 
    • Competitors may submit more than one poster.
    • The artist(s) of the winning poster must be open to changes and suggestions from the IAW coordination team, as long as they do not infringe on the artistic integrity of the work.
    • Designs cannot include any racist such as antisemitic or islamophobic, sexist or any other type of discriminatory content  


  • Theme and messaging
    • The designated theme for the IAW 2020 competition is “United against racism”
    • Posters should convey an inspiring and empowering message.
    • Competitors are asked to submit an accompanying short description to each submitted design (no more than 100 words) in English, explaining the motivation behind their poster design. 


  • Design and technical requirements
    • Competitors must create a design for a poster in ISO 216 A4 size and ANSI B/ Tabloid – 11 x17 inches. 
    • The poster needs to be suitable to share in social media (Facebook and Twitter cover photo and profile, and website banner). If the original poster is not in this format, the artist will have to present the original and the social media ones.
    • There are no limitations on layouts, colour schemes, design or language. 
    • Since IAW is a global campaign, if language is used, please take into consideration that partners across the world will need to translate the text into their language and add their own dates. The poster needs to be done in layers (editable version) so others can add text in their language and modify dates accordingly.
    • The following text must be included in the original poster:
      • “Israeli Apartheid Week 2020” 
      • Theme: “United against racism”
      • #IsraeliApartheidWeek 
      • Dates: 16-21 March 2020 (These are just sample dates and may vary in some regions)


  • Competition Prize
  • The winning poster will be used as an image for IAW 2020 and used widely in this exciting global campaign to end the Israeli apartheid regime against the Palestinian people. 



  • Jury
  • The jury is formed by the Israeli Apartheid Week coordination team (IAW coordination team)
  • The jury will select the 3 final posters. The winning poster will be selected among the 3 finalists by an open voting process. For the online voting process we will use the Facebook pool app.
  • The jury’s decision will be final and not open to appeal.



  • Poster Licenses and Later Use
  • The winning poster will have a copyleft license and will be displayed extensively during IAW 2020. 
  • Participation in the competition denotes permission to the IAW coordination team to use and publicize the winning poster for educational and public use after the competition ends. The artist(s) will not receive payment for this use. 
  • Posters will be used and re-distributed by IAW partners across the world. Each country, region or city will adapt the poster to their use.



  • Submission of proposals
  • Original proposals must be addressed to
  • Incomplete applications or applications received after midnight Dec 1th 2019 (Palestine time) will not be taken into consideration
  • For further information please contact: