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The poster and graphics for Israeli Apartheid Week 2018 will be released shortly.


Visualising Palestine has a wide range of fantastic infographics about Palestine and Israeli apartheid. You can contact them to order printed copies or high-resolution copies to print yourself.


Recommended films:

Roadmap to Apartheid  (available via Vimeo) – Featuring interviews with key South African and Palestinian activists and incredibly powerful footage, this film shows the parallels between apartheid South Africa and modern day Israeli apartheid. Powerfully narrated by Alice Walker. 

The Wanted 18 – an award-winning and astonishing true story. Animation, claymation and interviews highlight an absurd footnote in the history of the bitter foes. Set in the late 1980s against the backdrop of the first Intifada, The Wanted 18 begins with residents from the predominantly Christian Arab village of Beit Sahour in the occupied West Bank deciding to buy 18 cows and produce their own milk as a co-operative.

Sacred Stones Known by many as Palestine’s white petroleum, natural stone is Palestine’s most highly demanded raw material. However, the Palestinian stone industry is largely held hostage to serving Israeli construction needs, including the construction of illegal settlements on Palestinian land. Inside villages, cities and refugee camps, natural stone is unearthed at maddening, unsustainable rates, leaving behind a wreck of environmental, social and health problems. Any complaints of ordinary Palestinians facing persecution by the Israeli occupation, fall on the closed ears of international organizations.

We Cannot Go There Now, My Dear Highlights the story of Palestinian refugees that have been living in Syria since they had been forced to flee Palestine in 1948. With the ongoing war in Syria, they, alongside the Syrians have been affected… Their story, however, is more complex. By fleeing Syria and seeking refuge in Lebanon they are becoming a special category of refugees: they are refugees twice over.

Bidayyat has a great database of films and documentaries. Check their website for further information.


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