Ideas for action

Israeli Apartheid Week is organised by an international network of grassroots solidarity groups, unions and activists. We can support you to organise IAW events on your campus or in your city.

Register now using the form on this page to receive an info pack full of ideas and inspiration and to be able to promote your events on this website. Get in touch via if you have any questions.

1. Show a film
Showing a film can be a great way to engage new audiences and help people understand the realities of Israeli apartheid. Organise a discussion after the film to allow people to further develop their understanding and share their thoughts. Register and receive our organising pack for more info.

2. Hear from inspiring speakers
There are many speakers ranging from academics, politicians, trade unionists and cultural activists that we can suggest for you to host. Be in touch with us via and we can put you in contact.

3. Organise a creative protest action
Organise a creative protest action to highlight the complicity of a company or put pressure on a university or other institution to meet the demands of your campaign. Use creative visuals to help communicate your message and make sure to share photos and videos on social media using the #IsraeliApartheidWeek hashtag.

4. Build links with other movements
Joint events and initiatives with other movements that explore how different forms of oppression and linked and how we face common opponents can help us to build links with other movements and strengthen our commitment to a world free from oppression.

5. Hear from an organisation in Palestine via Skype/telephone
Organising an event where an activist in Palestine speaks via Skype or telephone can be a great way to connect with ongoing events and struggles in Palestine. Download our pack for more info.

6. Host a cultural event or concert
If it’s part of Israel’s colonial project to erase Palestinian culture, then let’s make it part of our organising to showcase and celebrate Palestinian art and music. Organising a cultural event or concert can be a great way to celebrate Palestinian culture, build connections between people and strengthen our movement, and to draw in people who wouldn’t normally be interested in a panel event or workshop type event.

7. Get people together for a workshop
Organise a workshop about Israeli Apartheid, the BDS movement or your current campaign. Hear from an expert, share skills and experiences, or plan the next steps of your campaign. Be in touch with us via and we can suggest workshop facilitators in your area and help you plan your workshop.

8. Spread the word! #IsraeliApartheidWeek
Help us spread the word online about Israeli Apartheid Week. Follow Israeli Apartheid Week on Twitter and Facebook, including using the hashtag #IsraeliApartheidWeek and share photos and reports from events you organise or attend.